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Cabrinha Vector 12m 2012 with Bar & Lines

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Cabrinha Vector 12m

The perfect kite for whatever style of riding you're into... it will handle any conditions that your local beach dishes out... from flat water blasting and freestyle to wave riding.

In Stock - Colour 1 (White and Yellow)

Package includes 2012 Cabrinha Vector 12m and Cabrinha Quicklink Control Bar. To add a Cabrinha Kite Pump please select above.

Product Description

Cabrinha Vector 12m

Cabrinha Vector 12m kite will ride any conditions your local beach decides to dish out with consistency and ease. The Cabrinha Vector is made to simplify the kiteboarding experience. Easy handling, easy steering, easy relaunching, and an intuitive security system. This is the backbone of the Cabrinha Vector DNA, and this puts this kite in a class all by itself. If you are looking for a kite that will hone your kiteboarding skills in a safe and secure environment, the Cabrinha Vector is the kite for you.

Cabrinha Vector 12m Colour
In Stock - Colour 2 (Red and Blue)

Cabrinha Vector 12m Features
Stability. Park and Ride Simplicity
3 Strut Design To Aid Relaunch Performance and Light Wind Efficiency
Direct Line Bridling
Variable Tuning Options
Amazing Relaunch
QuickLink Control System With IDS (when bought complete)
Sprint (one Pump)

Cabrinha Quicklink Control Bar
The most important part of any kite package is the control system, with a safety system that allows you to easily disconnect and reconnect. The all new Cabrinha QuickLink™control bar with IDS is all about connections. It sets an entirely new standard in design. From its functional form to its ergonomic geometry to its proven handling of security, the Cabrinha QuickLink control system raises the bar to a new untouchable height.

Cabrinha Quicklink Control Bar Features
Manually unspin any twists in flying lines. The worlds first fully spinning center line landing system.

The leash can rotate freely around the harness loop.

QuickLink uses our proven IDS method of 3 Stage Security. A system which was first developed by Cabrinha and has become the industry’s gold standard in security.

STAGE 1 : Depower on Demand (push bar away) STAGE 2 : IDS Activation(Push Quick Link unit away) STAGE 3 : Disconnect from Kite

The EVA bar ends are shaped to create a smooth transition from the bar grip to the bar end. The bar ends have smooth curves and edges and the EVA is forgiving when coming into contact with the body. The EVA bar ends have been lowered and widened to accommodate the entire line set wound onto them.

Easily removable for unhooked riding. The center location of the pin also serves to reduce foul hooking.

The EVA bar ends are buoyant enough to float the entire control system with lines attached.

The tips have flex grooves which aid in the bending of the tips while winding your lines onto the bar, and also aid in steering impulse.

Cabrinha was the first to introduce the multibore tubing to internalize the center mainline as well as the 500kg landing line. Internalizing both lines decreases the external clutter on the control system and the PU tubing serves as protection from the constant action of the bar against the lines.

Steering and sheeting is much smoother with the increase in the diameter of the center hole fitting. The hole is now 2mm wider in diameter and the radius surrounding the hole has been increased 10 degrees to allow for reduced friction when steering.

A spring loaded function which always keeps the bungee trim adjusters contained and well within reach. Making it the cleanest trim adjustment system on the market. With Recoil™ there is never a loose adjustment tail as seen with most above or below the bar trim systems.

Cabrinha Vector 12m Includes
Cabrinha Vector 12m 2012
Cabrinha Quicklink 55cm Control Bar
Cabrinha Kite Bag
Set up instructions

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The Cabrinha Vector 12m kite will ride any conditions your local beach decides to dish

Cabrinha Quicklink Control bar

Cabrinha Vector 12m from FC Watersports kitesurf shop

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Regular Price: £1,170.00

Special Price: £585.00

More Information

Kite StockNo
Kite / Board StyleFreeride
Size (m2)12
Bar Length (cm)55
Year4. 2012
Sale Discount50%

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