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2015 kites and boards review by shop rider Lizzie Byrnes

Thursday, 14 May 2015 11:07:43 Europe/London

Here are some reviews of Products that we stock, from our Shop Rider Lizzie Byrnes she took to Hurst castle here in dorset, on a Fantastic South westerly we had last week. It is a a breath of fresh air to get a genuine review from a customer, all txt has not been edited in anyway, these are all lizzie's opinions.

Cabrinha Ace 

A great twin tip that is a nice weight to carry and move about on the wat...

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Starboard Tiki Tour

Tuesday, 12 May 2015 06:27:12 Europe/London

Starboard Tiki Tour





We are very excited to have been chosen to host the Starboard Tiki Tour when it comes to Poole on 6th June 2015. The Starboard Tiki Tour van is travelling the UK and Europe stopping at various iconic watersports destinations. It aims to increase the profile of paddleboarding, to get people to try the sport and to showcase the best kit from the Starboard SUP range. Read on for... Read More

Starboard to release the hyper nut

Monday, 11 May 2015 11:57:49 Europe/London

Starboard Hypernut 2016 boardsthe production volume of the 7'2 is 105L, this still allows enough float and stability even when the conditions are a little bumpy. I can stand quite comfortably on the board in a relaxed stance and this is key to not burning up energy. This board is a really good balance of stability and performance. Yes the 7'4 is going to be more stable and not a big increase in ... Read More

Cabrinha 2015 FX Freestyle/Freeride Kitesurfing Kite

Friday, 27 February 2015 18:38:28 Europe/London

Cabrinha FX Kite 2016


Cabrinha FX 2015/2016 Kitesurfing Kite


Pre Order your Cabrinha FX Kite 2015 Click Here (sorry I have been asked to remove link by Cabrinha till March the 1st, please email or call for prices and pre order.


As Promised here is the news of the New Cabrinha FX kite..

So some interesting news from Cabrinha Kites for 2015/2016, in March they will bring to the market place the New 2015/2016 Cabrinha FX...

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Starboard Allstar 2015 Carbon 12"6 SUP

Monday, 22 December 2014 16:02:03 Europe/London

Starboard Allstar SUP



Design teams face many challenges; the toughest, staying ahead of the Race Team. Every season we provide some of the worlds most decorated paddlers with new designs; boards that have evolved. These designs need to be slightly ahead of the athlete. We want to thank Brian Szymanski, John Becker, Bart de Zwart, Connor Baxter, Annabel Anderso...

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Starboard Drive 2015 Stand up Paddleboard

Monday, 22 December 2014 09:46:41 Europe/London

Starboard Drive SUP



“Extremely versatile flat-water paddleboard. An ideal entry into the waves.” A long-time favorite in the range, chosen for its versatility and all-round fun, the Drive is used by all paddlers looking for flatwater exploring, fitness or surf. The bottom configuration of a single concave forward moving through to heavy V in the...

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Naish Monarch 2015 review

Friday, 12 December 2014 13:37:03 Europe/London



Naish Monarch, Is the pinnacle of freestyle  this board has has some exceptional, freestyle capabilities, we have tested this board a few times now, and really find that it excels in the UK conditions we have, close chop, gusty winds this new 2015 Naish Monach eats it all up. We have chosen to mount our Monarch with the new Naish Apex Foot pads, they are also superb the...

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Wainman Hawaii 2015 Gambler / Passport / Magnum

Friday, 12 December 2014 11:58:27 Europe/London

The Wainman Hawaii 2015 Surfboard range is now here!..

Since the introduction of our 3-model surfboard lineup in 2011 developed together with world-renowned waterman and shaper, Sean Ordonez, Wainman Hawaii has always prioritized pure surf performance and quality. Our R&D team continued to follow this philosophy carefully testing, fine tuning and refining our 3rd generation of these proven shapes. ...

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Naish Global 5'8 2015 kitesurfboard

Monday, 8 December 2014 12:09:32 Europe/London

Naish Global Surfboard


The New Naish 2015 Global 5"8 Surfboard

Sizes  5’2” / 5’8″ / 5’10” / 6’0”

Refined Rail Flow Increased Tail Kick in Rocker

Thinned Out & Squared Off Rails

Deep Single Concave Bottom

Full 3D Double Density Deck Pad

CNC Shape Thruster Fin Set-up

  Carbon Torsion Cross Fins

The Naish Global 2015 Has been refined for 2015 6 years after it was first introduced. We did not think that there ...

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The Kite Mag

Thursday, 4 December 2014 10:37:13 Europe/London

The Kite Mag

A new Kitesurf magazine has launched and will be avaiable in store very soon we are very excited here about the launch of the this new paper magazine its being launched by Alex Hapgood the ex-editor of kitesurf magazine. Keep your eyes peeled for news, reviews, tests, and locations i am sure its going to be a great addition to the Worldwide kite scence.


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