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Ride Engine Apoc 4/3 Front Zip Full Suit

Friday, 18 December 2015 14:49:45 Europe/London

The New Ride Engine Apoc 4/3 Front Zip Wetsuits are being released in the new year, Ride engine have recently laucnhed there much antcipated range of harnesses for Kite and Windsurf. There was alot of hype surrounding the brand but its lived up to it.

The next instalment of Ride Engine products will be hitting the UK shores very soon and its in the form of Neoprene, I have been lucky enough to have...

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Ride Engine Hex Review 2016

Friday, 18 December 2015 14:27:41 Europe/London

Ride Engine Review from a Customer! super stoked..

Give us a call at Fcwatersports to arrange a Demo or get fitted out properly.

Had my first outing on my new Ride Engine the other day, moderately powered 9m weather so thought I’d give a little feedback.

First things first you definitely need to size up from what you’d normally get in a standard harness. I’m narrow hipped and take a 32” waist in jean...

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slingshot RPM 2016 Kite surfing kite

Monday, 7 December 2015 10:08:28 Europe/London

The Legend continues with the 2016 Slingshot RPM and you have heard it here first and seen it here first at FCwatersports. the Renowned all around weapon of choice, for world champion tricksters, soul searching surfers and casual weekend warriors alike. Returning as the flagship kite in slingshots range. The 2016 Slingshot RPM is packed full of innovative features, that will once again take the ki...

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Core Section 2016 Wave kite

Friday, 4 December 2015 14:36:19 Europe/London

The Core Section Reviewed by team Kite magWith much excitement earlier in the year Core landed their ‘specialized’ range which includes the Section (wave) and the Impact (pure C). The Section is a three strut, super lightweight ‘boxier’ kite which looks like it will fit right in with the waveriding gang. The Section makes use of Core’s unique Exotex Dacron enabling thinner and stiffer struts – and... Read More

flyboards radical5 Kitesurf board Review

Saturday, 10 October 2015 15:48:16 Europe/London

The Radical5 is a crossover performance board by Flysurfer for freeride, freestyle and wakestyle. The keen-eyed amongst you will notice straight away that this is not your standard twin tip as it has an asymmetrical outline. This gives you a longer heel edge for more pop, speed and improved upwind performance, and reduces the length of the toeside edge which gives you better carving and control wh... Read More

Slingshot Wave SST 2016 Review

Saturday, 10 October 2015 14:01:23 Europe/London

There has been much excitement about this new addition to the Slingshot range. As the name suggests, this is a kite with a purpose: ride it in the surf! Although the Wave SST has that characteristic open Rally-style profile, the tips are squarer and the outline boxier. It looks like it means business.

The Surf Tough seams are there and the Wave SST has Teijin cloth with a new Rip Stop surf grid pat... Read More

North Vegas Hadlow 2016

Saturday, 10 October 2015 13:50:54 Europe/London

The North Vegas Hadlow Edition is the standard Vegas flown on the Hadlow 6 line attachments, so that it can be used with the wakestyle bar. We had this bar on the test, it is a full 10cms shorter than the standard bar for the diehard wakestylers amongst you and boasts upgraded features such as a PU center line to stop the fingers being destroyed when passing the bar, and to give it extra strength ... Read More

Cabrinha 2016 Swithcblade review

Saturday, 10 October 2015 13:45:16 Europe/London

The Switchblade is one of the most anticipated kites to be released each season. Now in its 11th year, we’re always excited to see the next chapter from Cabrinha and once again we were not disappointed, especially with the much publicized new ‘A & B’ settings.

The Switchblade has always had a very secure space in the market and has dominated this sector and had a very strong following, but for 2016 the new settings and some other developments suggest that it is trying to appeal to a broader market and also that it is responding to the ‘performance freeride’ popularity and moving with the times.

First impressions and – as always with Cabrinha – the attention to detail is impressive and the whole package, from bag to bar is well thought out with no scrimping in any department. This year also sees the arrival of a new bar option – the Overdrive 1X with TrimLite – which has an above the bar cleat system both reducing weight and putting a smile on the face of those riders who have never got on with the pull/pull system.

On the water and we were keen to try the kite on the two alternate settings. On the B setting that familiar Switchblade feeling is there, you always know where the kite is and get fantastic feedback and stability with relatively high bar pressure. The Switchblade has always been the kind of kite that you know you can give to a rider of any level and they will come back smiling. It is intuitive, responsive and just an easy and very fun kite to fly, and that is still the case for 2016.

However, switching to the A setting genuinely does give the kite a different feel – bar pressure is a lot lighter and the kite becomes more nimble and responsive, moving it very much in the direction of the FX. On either setting the Switchblade is still a kite that likes to boost and boosting is incredibly easy – it’s a pull and go kind of a kite and a perfect kite for mastering your first few jumps. On the new B setting it also provides a snappier boost and you can really send it…

So overall it is great to see that the ‘A & B settings’ aren’t a gimmick and that Cabrinha have spent time ensuring that the kite is well balanced and perfectly tuned on each setting. The 2016 Switchblade will keep die hard Switchblade riders happy, but also provides a livelier alter ego to broaden its appeal… Exciting times.

RRD Bliss 2016 - Reviewed

Wednesday, 16 September 2015 09:26:50 Europe/London

This is the third incarnation of the Bliss series and is pitched as an all-round freeride option designed to keep the kiteboarding masses smiling, and with no pretensions to being on the top of the podium.

For V3 the Bliss has been entirely reworked, with a completely new outline and with some striking new bottom channels to improve grip and give a drivier feel. Graphics are slightly toned down com... Read More

Slngshot Rally 2016 Reviewed

Wednesday, 16 September 2015 09:21:59 Europe/London

One of the centerpieces of the Slingshot range, the Rally has been given some serious attention over the last 12 months and there are several improvements in the 2016 offering.

Build quality is solid as ever, and the Rally also flies on the new Sentinel bar. This has an above the bar depower on a sliding cleat – it’s a fantastic system and if you are a rider with a shorter reach then it gives you t... Read More
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